This past summer, I got a job at Tod’s Tasties a local small restaurant and coffee shop just up the street from where I live in Asheville. I only worked a couple hours a day but still met some very interesting characters. This story is about one of them.

When I first laid eyes on TJ, I immediately noticed how much he resembled Justin Timberlake. He was tall and slim, with a head of blond curly hair, and had his ears and eyebrow pierced. Needless to say, he was hot. It made no difference to me that he was barely 21 years old, in fact, I think that turned me on even more. I have always been attracted to men much younger than myself, and I was TJ’s senior by over 20 years. Technically, he was young enough to be my stepson.

He would hang out at the restaurant almost every morning drinking his black coffee. It was nice to have some company when I was stuck working on the slower mornings, and there was never a dull moment when he was around. Anytime he got close to me, I could feel my heart race and my palms would get wet, not to mention how it affected other regions of my body. He was in town staying at his older sister’s place and working afternoons at a local bicycle shop. Eventually, he just didn’t have enough money to keep frequenting Tods and I gradually saw less and less of him.  Although my husband Erick saw more of TJ as he began riding with him and others from the bike shop.

Well, I quit my job about a month ago as my father in law asked me to start running his storage business full time. 

About two weeks ago, my husband Erick called me from the bike shop after they got back from a ride and was telling me he they planned to go out for some beers and he’d be home late but was safe from the ride.  I don’t relish staying home alone in the evenings, but Erick didn’t often go out without me so I didn’t mind. Besides, I had to be up early to see the kids off to a camp they were starting.

They must have had a great time because they didn’t get home until about 4 am. 

TJ spent the night on our couch, and I was left alone with him the following day while Erick was at work and the kids were at camp. Every time I looked at him sleeping on the couch I thought about how much I wanted to suck his cock and ride him hard.  He woke up at Noon in no condition for sex but did have a request for me.  Seems his sister had kicked him out of the house for who knows what and he needed a place to stay.  As luck would have it our basement apartment was open.
That afternoon as if it was a dream there he was with all of his stuff and soon moved into our basement.

The first night Erick was like a kid in a candy store as he had a live in riding and beer drinking buddy and as it turns out a stud to watch with his wife. Erick had been drinking, but still had all his wits about him as he walked up with TJ to have a little chat with me. We talked for a few minutes about the truth of me being a complete slut and to be sure that all of us were really sure about this. After a few minutes TJ was more than eager and very interested. Erick told TJ to be up in our bedroom and naked in 5 minutes. 

After what seemed like an eternity (which was in fact less than 2 mins), I heard footsteps coming up the stairs towards my bedroom. The door had been closed, but TJ knocked gingerly and opened the door a little. “Were you serious?”, he asked Erick. Erick confirmed that he was and told him to come in. I turned to look at him. Here he stood, his 6’ frame, dressed in only a pair of tight black boxer briefs. He had a sheepish grin on his face and I could tell he was a little uncomfortable. I knew that he had quite a bit of sexual experience, even for his young age, but I was betting that he hadn’t done anything like this before!! 

I could see the outline of his hard cock underneath his boxers, and watched it bounce free as he pulled his boxers off and let them hit the floor. He crawled into bed with us and I found myself in THE best possible position ever. If you have never been sandwiched between two lovers at the same time, I suggest you try it at least once. I was lying on my side facing my husband, and he told me to lie flat on my back. TJ leaned down to kiss me and I let my lips part without hesitation. His tongue felt so good inside my mouth, and I could feel his cold hands running over my body. I stopped kissing him long enough to reach over and kiss Erick. He was so turned on at this point and I knew there was no turning back.

TJ and Erick both took a nipple into their mouths, gently sucking and nibbling on the sensitive flesh. My nipples were so hard that they hurt. Erick let his other hand roam down to my pussy and commented on how wet I was already. All I could do was moan my reply, as I let myself float in the pleasure of having the attention of two male lovers. 

Erick turned to TJ and said, “Doesn’t my wife have a gorgeous pussy? Just look how big and swollen those lips are”, to which TJ replied, “Yes, she does, that’s a fat cunt”. Erick told him that not only did it look good, but it also smelled and tasted wonderful. He told him to taste my pussy. TJ got down in between my legs, and gingerly licked the big sensitive folds of skin there. I felt an electric shock go through my body and my nipples again responded with their pleasure/pain. I could tell that although he did have some experience in the past, he wasn’t nearly as experienced as Erick was, but the mere fact that it was someone other than my husband doing it to me, as well as my husband being there and WATCHING, that made it hot just the same. 

While TJ continued to eat me, Erick got up and stroked his already hard cock. He brought himself to the side of my head, and I opened my lips to take him inside my hot, wet mouth. I have always enjoyed sucking my husband’s cock and this time was no different. I took just the head into my mouth at first, gently sucking and pulling on it. Erick moans and I look up to see him watching TJ between my legs. I take his cock inside further and further, inch by inch, until the full length is buried in my mouth and throat. 

Erick looks over at TJ and asks him if he wants to fuck his slut wife. TJ excitedly replies yes and gives my pussy one last lick before getting up on his knees. This poor young man is SO nervous at this point, that he seems to have lost his hardon. Erick looks at me and tells me to suck his cock. Hubby says to me, “Once he is hard again, I want you to ride his cock again, just like you do mine. I want to watch your beautiful pussy being pounded by his young cock.” 

I get up and let TJ lie down. My god, he has got such a beautiful body and I want to touch him everywhere. I am delighted to see that he is completely shaved also. I take his semi hard cock into my mouth and start to slowly let it slip until it reaches the back of my throat. I swallow and can feel my throat closing around his cock. A moan escapes his lips and he reaches down to stroke my hair as I continue to suck his cock. Now and then I take it out of my mouth, and while continuing to stroke him with my hand, I lick the tender flesh of his balls. He moans again. After only a few minutes, he is rock hard again and ready for fucking with what now appears to be over 8” in length and oh so thick.  I smile over at Erick and whisper to him it’s so fucking huge J

I continue to follow my husband’s direction and climb on top of him, straddling his hips. I take his cock in my hand and rub it back and forth over my wet slit, teasing him slightly and at the same time, coating his cock with my juices. I place the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy and slowly let my weight push him deeper and deeper inside. He reaches out and pulls on my nipples, as I slowly start to raise and lower myself on his cock, grinding my pussy against him.

Erick has detached himself from us at this point, and is standing behind us, watching TJ’s cock go in and out of my wet pussy. He tells me how beautiful it looks and asks TJ how much he likes fucking his wife. I lean forward and start to kiss TJ again. I love having his tongue in my mouth and I wrap my fingers in his curly hair. I can feel the tension building as I grind my pussy down on him harder, and faster. Erick is still behind us, and he puts both of his hands around my hips and pushes me down even harder onto TJ’s cock. TJ whispers that he is going to cum soon, and I can feel his hips thrusting upward to meet me. I reach back with my hand and cup his balls gently, massaging them. 

Seconds later, I can feel my own orgasm approaching, just as TJ says that he is coming too. The roam is then filled with the sounds of pleasure, as we both explode at the same time and I buck like a wild women as the spasms of ecstasy shoot through me for over a minute. Erick has come around to the side at this point and starts to kiss me, telling me just how fucking hot I am. I finally get off of TJ, and after a quick cigarette and trip to the washroom, we met again in my bed and I got to fall asleep between these 2 beautiful men and looking forward to the next round. It’s going to be a wonderful September :)


Honey I love how your brother says hello.


My naughty days soon after getting married.  My husband wanted to see for himself what a slut I was after hearing all my stories from the Navy.  I was happy he let me play. 


This Yoga pose is called the Fuck Me.

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Dude did is your stepmom tanning out back again?  We’ll all be right over!!


When the first three of the black guys walked in on my surprise gangbang…


Dude you need to bring your Mom out more often.


I’ll have what she’s having.

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Dude you are the best neighbor ever.  Can I visit your wife when you’re not here? SWEET!!!


Honey this is how you like it shaved for the guys right?